• Round-trip excursions on clinical tropical medicine and traveler's health for healthcare professionals to Uganda (13 days), Tanzania (13 days)
    and Ghana (11 days)
  • Bedside teaching, laboratory manuals and lectures in various hospitals and field excursions to prevention and control projects in remote areas
  • In collaboration with the Joint Clinical Research Center in Kampala, Uganda, the Flying Medical Service in Arusha, Tanzania and the Cape Coast Teaching Hospital in Ghana
  • Accreditation from the Medical Association in Düsseldorf, Germany
    Uganda and Tanzania 60 CME hours, Ghana 50 CME hours
  • Course Supervisor

    Kay Schaefer is a consultant in tropical medicine and traveler's health in Cologne, Germany. He holds an M.D. (University of Berlin), a Ph.D. (University of Amsterdam), an MSc in Clinical Tropical Medicine (London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine) and a DTM&H (University of London). He has lived for many years in East Africa, more info